30-Year Lease Agreement

Foreigners in Thailand do not have the right to acquire land ownership. A 30-year lease agreement is therefore made to give them the opportunity to protect their home investment through lease.

A large number of foreigners lease land over the long term since they cannot own land in their name as a freehold. The foreign tenant does not own any interest in the land. This is generally completely acceptable with the Thai government and the foreigner can have a wide spectrum of rights to the land during the term of the lease. The Foreigner may, if the lease stipulates it, even be able to own any building structure on the land in his name.

30-year Lease Description

Who can Apply for a 30-year Lease?

A foreigner who is willing to own a property in Thailand is eligible for a 30-year lease along with an option to extend. Individuals who are willing to have an ownership in a Thai condominium unit should meet the following conditions;

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