Education Visa

With an acceptance letter from an accredited Thai School or University you will be able to get a “Non-Immigrant ED” visa from a Thai Embassy or consulate abroad. Additionally, those wishing to participate in conferences or training seminars can also apply for the Non-Imm ED visa.

This visa will allow you to stay in Thailand for 1 year subject to one extension within the first 90 days. 90 day reports to Immigration are required and a re-entry permit is necessary should you wish to leave the country. A multiple re-entry permit allows for unlimited trips.

Different Schools to choose

There are several options of schools that a foreigner can choose in Thailand, among of which are as follows:

To study at a Government University

To study at a Private University

To study at an International School

To study at a Private School

To study at Government School

To attend a Seminar or Conference in Thailand

Extension of Education Visa

The visa is valid for 90 days as it will provide you sufficient time to work on students visa. The extension time is 21 days before the visa expires. The duration of the student visa depends on the duration of your course.
We help you with the visa extension, for this you must be enrolled in an educational institution. You should have a registration letter and a receipt of tuition fees. This will be the evidence that had made the payment.

Requirements for extension are:

  • Letter of Admission
    It must include:
    • Name
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Passport number of the student
    • Level of Education
    • Transcript of the applicant
    • Total Academic Years
    • Curriculum and Funding
  • Evidence of enrollment, you must provide receipts of tuition fee
  • Course description and syllabi
  • School documents includes registration
  • Latest passport size photos

Simple Steps Application Process

Step 1

Prepare the documents provided to you by the school in Thailand.

Step 2

Submit the required documents to the Thai consulate in your home country​ or any Consulate outside Thailand.

Step 3

Pay the consular fees either by cash, check or by credit cardPay the consular fees either by cash, check or by credit card

Step 4

Once the fee is paid, wait for the documents as every Thai embassy's processing time varies.

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