Nom-Immigrant Visas

If you are a foreigner in Thailand who is considering to venture your own business or just simply want to broaden your professional career working for a local Thai company in the land of smiles, then you might want to equipped yourself and at least be familiar of the proper procedures you will undergo as well as the precise set of documents you will be needing to obtain a visa that will allow you to stay for the duration that you may require.

In order for a businessman or a worker to enter and work in the kingdom of Thailand, one has to secure a Thai business visa or a Thai working visa which is categorized as a Nom-Immigrant B (business) visa, although in some cases if a foreign employee has been hired by a Thai company chances are that the company will guide you in organizing and furnish you with the necessary documents for the visa application.

Different Types Of Nom-Immigrant B Visas

There are several types of visas that a foreigner can acquire in Thailand, among of which are as follows:

Nom-Immigrant B Visa (Employment)

For those who wish to work in Thailand must provide these documents;

Nom-Immigrant B Visa (Business)

For those who want to conduct business in Thailand must submit these documents;

Nom-Immigrant B Visa (Teaching)

For those who wish to take up teaching in schools only as their line of work in Thailand, they will require these documents;

Nom-Immigrant IB Visa (Investment and Business Visa)

Issued to those who are employed to work on the investment projects that are under BOI of Thailand. These projects must be to bring more benefits to the country in the below mentioned ways;

Nom-Immigrant B-A Visa for Approved Businesses

The applicant’s associated company wherein he/she is willing to invest may apply for a nom-immigrant B-A visa on the applicant’s behalf at the Office of the Immigration Bureau.

Granting of such visa is possible under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Immigration Bureau, Bangkok. Once it is approved by them, they will advise the Royal Thai Embassy through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the issuance of the visa.

The holder of this visa will be allowed to stay at least for a period of a year or so from the date of his entry into the kingdom.

Simple Steps Application Process

Step 1

Prepare the documents provided to you by the company or school in Thailand who offered you employment or invited you in Thailand

Step 2

Submit the required documents to the Thai consulate in your home country​

Step 3

Pay the consular fees either by cash, check or by credit cardPay the consular fees either by cash, check or by credit card

Step 4

Once the fee is paid, the processing time will take 5 to 10 business days with the Thai embassy.

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