About Us

About Us

PPP Law is committed to achieving best possible outcomes for our clients, giving legal advice that is practical and most beneficial. Our team is compassionate, dynamic, proactive and highly skilled.

Technically correct legal advice is common ground within the legal industry, but what helps make PPP Law stand out from its competitors is its dedication to its clients and quality of the overall representation. across a wide range of practice areas to address the ever-increasing array of client needs.

The firm strives to understand not only where their clients are but where they will be in order to anticipate their legal needs.

The firm is solemnly devoted to maintaining and expanding its capabilities and expertise.

An important aspect of the firm’s mission is to look beyond Thailand and help prepare young legal professionals to function at international levels in the era of globalization and work in cross-border roles that overcome differences brought about by culture and languages.

Law is order, and good law is good order.


It is not just the areas of practice which is diverse throughout the firm, its qualified lawyers have achieved degrees from several prominent legal institutions on the global stage, and are also able to communicate in many languages, primarily English and Thai.

But the practice of law is not an academic exercise and PPP Law demands common sense and commercial mindedness from each of their lawyers to ensure that the legal advice the firm provides is practically tied to the business realities the firm’s clients are facing.

In every matter, the team is constantly looking to go the extra mile for our clients, and it is never a mandatory task but something the legal team is happy and willing to do. We look to provide the best service possible.

Available at a moment’s notice, our lawyers are responsive and transparent, open to answering questions and communicating on all aspects of our services to our clients.

If you need a lawyer in Thailand we invite you to visit  our law office in Phuket for a consultation for any of your legal needs.

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