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Company Registration

Planning to set up a company in Thailand?  If you are thinking of starting your own Thai company in Thailand PPP Law can help you navigate through setting up a company, obtaining a visa, and getting a work permit along with the other many other business needs you may have.

What type of business can a foreigner own in Thailand?

There are several types of businesses that a foreigner can acquire in Thailand, among of which are as follows:

Amity Treaty LLC

Under the Amity Treaty, a business can be 100% foreign owned, meaning all the directors can be foreigners, provided they are US nationals.

Thai Limited Liability Company

To start a Thai limited liability company there should be minimum 3 shareholders and 1 promoter.

Representative Office

A representative office in Thailand can be 100% foreign owned. However, it cannot get involved into direct sales in the country.

Regional Operating Headquarter

To have a control over subsidiaries in Asia a foreign company can establish a regional office in Thailand.

Branch Office

Multinationals can set-up a branch office in Thailand to accomplish a project, lasting for 5 years. Income derived from its activities is subjected to corporate income tax in Thailand.

Thai BOI Company

Companies receiving BOI approval are exempted from the need to have a foreign business license and they are benefited from many tax and non-tax incentives.

Thailand Foundation

Foreigners can form a Thai private and charitable foundation, eligible to a CIT rate of 1%.

Thai Public Limited Company

A Thai Public Limited Company must have minimum 15 shareholders and 5 directors and half of them must be Thais.

Thailand Limited Partnership

Thailand Limited Partnership needs one limited partner and one general partner for registration.

How do you set up a Thai company?

The Thai government has worked to make setting up a Thai Limited Company easier and now it takes just one day to register a company compared to the six weeks it took a few years ago.

A minimum of three shareholders are required and if the majority shares are owned by a foreigner then the company will need to obtain a Foreign Business License. However, if the majority of shares are owned by a Thai national then the Foreign Business License is not required; this is why many people prefer to form a company with Thai nationals.

To start a Thai Limited Company two main documents are required and must be registered with the Thai Ministry of Commerce.PPP Law’s lawyers will assist you in drafting these two documents; the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association. The Articles of Association can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a company, as long as the original shareholders agree to the terms in writing. In some cases, the Prospectus (another important document) is required but not always.

Simple Steps For Company Registration In Thailand

Step 1

Reservation of the Name

The company’s name should not be similar to any other Thai companies. The Business Development Office’s guidelines assist in deciding a name for your company. However, the approved name will be valid for thirty days without any extension.

Step 2

Memorandum of Association

The document should include reserved name of the company, its business objectives, name of the promoter, the province where the company will be situated and the capital for registration. The Memorandum of Association is typically filed with the Business Development Office. The capital should include the par value alongside the number of shares. Nevertheless, the authorized capital is partly paid, but it must be issued fully. Even though, there isn’t any minimum capital requirement, it should be at least sufficient for the business operation.

Step 3

The Statutory Meet

Upon elaborating the share structure, a statutory meeting is convened, wherein the articles of incorporation are approved. Also, the Board of Directors is decided. Further, it is confirmed that 25% of the par value of the subscribed share is paid.

Step 4

Company Registration

The directors should submit their company’s establishment application within the three months of the Statutory Meeting. As for the fees, the amount for company registration is 500 baht each 100,000 baht of the registered capital. However, the minimum fee is 5,000 baht, where the maximum is up to 250,000 baht.

Step 5

Tax Registration

Businesses should obtain their tax I.D. card as well as the number for the company within sixty days of the incorporation from the Thai Revenue Department. Companies earning 600,000 baht or more per annum should register for VAT.

Documents Required to Open a Thai Company

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