Divorce Application In Thailand

Divorce In Thailand,If  you married in Thailand and both parties agree to the divorce, it’s as simple as going to any Amphur or District Office and filing for divorce.

Although Separation and Divorce are more complex than it may seems, PPP Law knows exactly how to apply the practice of Thai law to your specific case of achieving the best result in coherence to your best interest for the shortest possible time you may be pleased.

Thai Divorce Law

When a couple divorces in Thailand all marital property (sin somros) is divided equally. personal property (sin suan tua) remains owned by the individual. Thus marital property is anything acquired during marriage by way of gift, purchase, or inheritance. Personal property is anything acquired before the marriage like a house, tools, equipment and any possessions. If both parties agree then the proceedings are straight forward.

Both parties are responsible for debts incurred from household affairs, education and medical bills. One can have a legal prenuptial agreement where property is subject to foreign laws. To be valid the prenuptial must be tendered at the marriage registration to be effective and signed by both parties and 2 witnesses. Most of these prenuptial agreements are between foreigners and Thais. Please see our page on prenuptial agreements for more information.

If one partner is employed, property is split equally. If the wife stays home and looks after the children she has the right to half even though she is not receiving payment. The parents divorcing can agree on who pays for the children’s education and day to day living expenses and maintenance. If they cannot agree the Court will rule and may also decide on living allowances based on the ability of the grantor and the status of the receiver.

Types Of Divorce Application

  1. Uncontested Divorce

A preferred form of divorce in Thailand as it is less complicated as well as less time consuming. All it needs is a mutual agreement to put an end to the marriage without even requiring a ground to sever the relationship. This type of divorces is processed at the local register (amphur or khet). Also, it requires the spouses to be present physically.

  1. Contested Divorce

It is typically a court divorce as one of the parties will have to go to the court to bring an end to his/her marriage only if there is any ground and it is applicable under the Thai law. Disagreement over child custody or marital property can lead to such form of divorce.

Legal Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

What does Thai Divorce Law State?

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