Marriage Registration in Thailand

Thailand is well considered by most couple to be their “Dream Wedding Location” for their most awaited moment being as a love couple, it has indeed attracted couples from all over Asia and from around the world to do their wedding in a romantic picture perfect tropical scenery. Even though registering your marriage legally in Thailand is not as romantic as the ceremony may goes.

In some cases, there has been some confusion between the matter of (Thai Marriage Ceremony and Thai Marriage Registration) to make this matter clear. The actual ceremony is NOT A MUST as the marriage registration is more important in terms of legal perspective. In other words, you don’t need to have a wedding ceremony to have your wedding be registered under the Thai law, as the couple can be issued with their marriage certificate without the wedding ceremony, thus it is not a prerequisite for the registration of marriage in Thailand.

Can a non-Thai couple register their marriage in Thailand?

People of any nationality can get legally married in Thailand, as long as the marriage is conducted in accordance and have duly comply all necessary requirements. After the administrative marriage has taken place, you must register your marriage to the consulate of your embassy of the country in which you are a citizen to be able to hold your marriage legal standing anywhere in the world.

An assistance of a Thai lawyer who is an expert in this field can really make a big difference and bring an ease to your wedding, let our vastly experienced legal team do all the hassles of gathering all relevant documents and organizing translation for you, because here in our firm we understands that marriage is one of the most memorable phase in a person’s life, that is the main reason why PPP Law  is dedicated to make sure that the married couple spend their time happily by us taking care of all the hassle associated with the registration of the marriage.


Documents Required

Simple Steps Application Process

Step 1

Get an Affirmation of Freedom from the embassy to marry

Step 2

Translate the Affirmation of Freedom in Thai language and legalize it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Step 3

The marriage needs to be registered at the local district office (Amphur)

Step 4

Marriage certificate in Thai will be issued and then it can be translated into English

Step 5

The translation must be certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Step 6

The marriage must be reported to the foreigner’s home state or the consulate in Thailand

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