Parental Power or Child Custody

Thailand is not much of a difference compared to other countries that abides the “Child Custody Law” this in most cases arises in the midst of a heartrending time a family is going through, whether it is a divorce of the parents taking place or the demise of one parent without the other having a legal document to present the claim of the child’s custody.

In Thailand the custodial law falls under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCCT), wherein a Child Custody can be obtained by two procedures under its code;

  • Mutual consent of the parties involved

  • Decision of the court

Nevertheless, winning a child custody in Thailand can be a long and complicated process with its fair share of hurdles, especially for a non-Thai individual who is facing child custody issues in Thailand.

Having said that, if you or someone you know is in this kind of issue, it is imperative to have an effective Thai lawyer who is knowledgeable in Thai family law due to the fact that this kind of case proceeding is exhausting and may take a long time to resolve, but having the competent lawyer and firm to represent you and knows exactly how to guide you in every step of the way to achieve the child custody case is already half of the battle won.

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